Mannequin Hands

Now spring is here (YES!!!) I wanted to freshen up my nails and move away from the dark, moody colours and this weeks pick is Topshop's - Mannequin.

I bought the polish over 2 years ago and I don't think I was really wowed by it, mainly because I got it during a nude nails fad and so it was lost in a sea of beige. I only own 2 polishes from Topshop and both are really nice. They have a rectangle brush so it makes application quick and easy. This shade in particular is very creamy and opaque, I used 2 coats to finish the look.

Fun fact - I hate nudes on the toes, or just bare toes. Something about them being bare just doesn't set well with me. Toes need colour but fingers have free reign of all shades with the occasional 'rest' days.

Marie x.


Lipstick Hoarder

Over the past couple of weeks I have been hoarding lipstick, I tend to have these fads where I must collect lots of something in different colours, it's happened with nail varnish, trousers, scarfs, sunglasses and now lipsticks.

I typically go for nudes and easy reds but I ventured into berry shades and then I stayed in there until I felt I had enough. Obviously the first 2 aren't berry but they're too beautiful not to show!

From left to right:
Primark - N/A, Topshop - Rio Rio, MUA - Shade 3, Barry M - 145,
Rimmel - As You Want Victoria, MUA - Shade 1, Collection - Prohibition,
Sleek - Smother & Sleek Liner - Venom

Here's the run down -
1) Primark - it was £1 to start off. I was skeptical that any colour would come out and as it was only a pound there was no harm in buying it, and it's amazing. The colour is so true and bright, it's got a creamy formula that smells sweet but not sickly. There were a couple of other shades that looked a little too far out of my zone for me but you should definitely try them out.

2) Topshop, Rio Rio - This is my first Topshop lipstick and I love it. For some reason I spent about 15mins swatching the shades available but none caught my attention like this one. It's a red falling more on the orange side. I don't have anything like it and although it's a dangerous shade in terms of making your teeth yellow I really like it. It's a dryer formula so stays on a really good time.

3) MUA - I'm going to bundle the two shades in one. First off - the bottom screws off and there is more product hidden! Did not know this until I felt one was a little loose, I'm amazed, you'd need a brush to use it and not sure why there's some there other than to advertise the colour but I was happy with my findings. Oh and the colours? As you can see, they're so strong in colour and so cheap, can't say the smell is as good but I'm really impressed with the shades and the staying power.

4) Barry M, 145 - A dry formula so it's a stay putter, no smell but strong colour. I really like this one and is perfect for summer as it's bright but an easy shade to wear.

5) Rimmel, As You Want Victoria - This is from the moisture renew line so it's extremely creamy and well... moisturising. The colour is so intense however because it's so creamy I do find it slips on the lips and at first I was finding it difficult to apply a neat layer without a mini smudge, definitely one to wear liner with.

6) Collection, Prohibition - Another cheap buy that is amazing. This is a deep shade, as you can see with the power of sight, and at first I was a little aware of it being on my lips and constantly checking it looked ok but it lasted all day! Through drink, eating, talking too much - everything! I must admit though that without filling your lips with a liner it is a little patchy so with liner it's great - most likely why it lasted so long too. (FYI, I did try to unscrew the base for this and the Primark one like the MUA but failed, what a tease).

7) Sleek, Smother - Sleek have 2 formulas for their lipstick, matte and sheen. This one falls into the later, Sleek products are such good value for money and really provide an amazing variety of shades. This is my darkest berry and most dangerous for a new bee to the dark side. It's a rich colour and it's creamy so it feels comfortable on the lips. I bought the Venom liner to match, it's slightly off but with darker shades I always like to line and fill to create a decent base that won't move around or fade throughout the day.

So there we have it, I've finished bingeing on lip products now, I've got a good variety and now moving onto my next colour fad. I realise I chucked a big chunk of text at you so well done if you reached the end, as a reward you should go out an buy a new lipstick :)

Marie x.


Dot to Dot

Top - Primark
Trousers - H&M (I have no title for these, I don't know if they leggings/jeggings or just trousers, they're skinny, cotton feeling but thick - you decide what they are!)
Boots - New Look
Blazer - H&M

Today was a boot day because mother nature is clearly taunting us with the on/of with rain!

Marie x.


New Day, New Clothes

Yesterday I left my job at Build-a-Bear Workshop which I'm sad about but I needed to move onto something different. So today was my first shift at Nationwide!!

I've worked within retail for 6 years so working in an office is very much out of my comfort zone. It's great so far, just on the learning bits and bobs. Best parts are I get to wear my own clothes rather than some awful uniform and there's a free drink dispenser to aid my tea drinking!

Today I wore Primark....

Everything aside from the bag which is from Accessorise is from Primark. It's nearing to payday and I wanted new smart clothes so Primark is the one and only in my situation and it did good! :)

Marie x.


DIY Jewellery Box

For a christmas present I asked my boyfriend, Nick, to make me a jewellery box. He's big on woodwork and al that DIY stuff that it worked perfectly with me wanting a box.

My brief was to have small box with a lid and a small shelf that I could lift off. I also wanted something 'shabby chic' and had this blue felt that I wanted inside. This is what he produced...

I really love it, the simply heart on the front works well and although it's a little rough inside I'm very happy :) having the little shelf helps keeping my earrings and rings easily accessible and separate from my bracelets. As you can see I'm not the biggest magpie and only keep a few bracelets, I tend to stack these with my watches, example.

I love things handmade as it makes it more personal and of course an individual. I keep asking for Cher's wardrobe from 'Clueless' but I'm still waiting for that one!

If you've got anything hand/home made I'd love to see them!

Marie x.