DIY Jewellery Box

For a christmas present I asked my boyfriend, Nick, to make me a jewellery box. He's big on woodwork and al that DIY stuff that it worked perfectly with me wanting a box.

My brief was to have small box with a lid and a small shelf that I could lift off. I also wanted something 'shabby chic' and had this blue felt that I wanted inside. This is what he produced...

I really love it, the simply heart on the front works well and although it's a little rough inside I'm very happy :) having the little shelf helps keeping my earrings and rings easily accessible and separate from my bracelets. As you can see I'm not the biggest magpie and only keep a few bracelets, I tend to stack these with my watches, example.

I love things handmade as it makes it more personal and of course an individual. I keep asking for Cher's wardrobe from 'Clueless' but I'm still waiting for that one!

If you've got anything hand/home made I'd love to see them!

Marie x.

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